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A Word from the Playwright

Fred Rohan Vargas

Ever since I can remember, I would always think of the “what ifs.”  “What if our world was a creation of some writer from another galaxy?” “What if we can know the exact time and date of our death?”  “What if the bodies we have can be exchanged for the bodies we want?” It may all sound like the twisted musings of a madman or, better yet, that of a free-spirited artist, but it’s what makes life so interesting and memorable. I chose to be that person. I like to bring forth the absurd. I like to play with the endless possibilities of life. That’s why I decided to become a writer and eventually a producer.  I enjoy a good story, and I enjoy seeing it done live before an audience. I enjoy finding the humor in everything that exists around us.


Before I wrote “Well Preserved” I thought about the “what if” factor. It all happened when I was reading the New York Daily News and found an article on taxidermy.  I was intrigued by the idea of people preserving their deceased pets.  I began to think,  if this can be done with animals, why not human beings?”  Surely the process could be created to make it happen. Wouldn’t it be great to never have to say goodbye to your loved one when he or she is still around in body?


It all may sound eerie but it could also be pretty funny. And if you’re an open-minded person (or not) you will undoubtedly belt out a laugh if you ask yourself, “what if.”  So I decided to write this comedy and embark on this journey to Broadway.


I hope you will join me and be tickled red while helping me to bring this play on stage.


Best regards,

Fred Rohan-Vargas


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